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True Omega™

A delicious serving of omega-3s from sustainably
sourced wild arctic cod

The arctic fish oil is extracted from wild cod from the coast of Norway and is rich in the fatty acids EPA and DHA. Studies show that EPA and DHA are important components in our diets as they contribute to the normal maintenance of the heart, if you take at least 250 mg daily. One tasty shot of true omega™ gives you 1 200 mg of these two fatty acids. EPA and DHA also help the body to maintain normal blood pressure with an intake of 3 grams per day.

Camelina is rich in the plant based Omega 3 fatty acids called ALA. Camelina oil is also rich in polyphenols and vitamin E which contributes to the protection of your cells from oxidative stress. It similarly protects the fish oil from oxidation. Unlike many other oils, camelina is extremely stable when mixed with fish oil.

Truly the best oil for you ♦

true omega™ is a new type of fish oil. It challenges old perceptions about fish oil not being fresh or tasty. true omega™ is amazingly fresh with a delicious taste of citrus and orange and just a hint of natural sweetness from stevia. It’s the selfish choice when you know what is truly best for you.

Take true omega™ daily to boost your intake of EPA and DHA. It will contribute to your daily nutrient regimen right away and also serves as a great platform to create your personal nutrition plan for the future.

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